Who we are

After concluding our feasibility study and business plan we have identified that there are a number of gaps in various food related industries for a specialized accredited training facility.  Our directors have a combined expertise, in excess of 20 years in both theory and practical business ownership with the related skills required to facilitate the Scarce / Elective and Core Skills Programs we have accredited in our potential offering.

Our team has the corporate and business contacts, affiliations and associations to ensure success and to meet the potential income within the scope and period determined. This facility is the blue print for what we foresee to be a massive training opportunity in emerging markets in Africa and off shore.

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To give learners access to quality education and training in a safe and productive environment and to create opportunities, growth and impact in peoples lives.


To contribute to the growth and development of learners in developing countries and empower every person and organization with which we work to achieve more.


Innovation Diversity and Inclusion Corporate and Social Responsibility Philanthropy Environmental Awareness Trustworthy Relationships

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