Why our training
centre is unique.

Through our involvement in the food and training industry we have seen a need in the training of individuals in a number of urgently required scares skills.

These main skills are listed below:

  • Butcher / Blockman (Meat Processor)
  • Confectionery Baker
  • Wholesale Deli Chef (Professional Cookery)
  • Health and Safety, Hygiene, Food Handling
  • Waiter, bar tender, barrister and table manager


Learnerships & Internships

Through SETA’s that we are associated with and foundations interested in growing emerging markets. In conjunction with our corporate clients who have received pivotal grant allocations, including our corporate clients who have received Host Employer work experience opportunities through the formal higher education colleges.

Enterprise Development Programs

Tailor made material The training programme takes place over a 6-month period, equaling 1-day per week for 24 weeks, alternating between practical and theoretical training as scheduled 30 learners a day, 5 days per week can be hosted at the facility for this program.

Tailor Made

With our large set of training skills and registrations as well as our exceptional facilities we are able to tailor make programs to suite the needs of our clients and their learners. 16 Fully equipped stations and a demonstration station in kitchen one and a demonstration kitchen with 8 units in kitchen two. Lecture facilities to host learners for theory sessions.

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